G DATA Secure Chat

Frequently asked questions

Why can I only get SECURE CHAT via Google Play?

We use the Google Cloud service for notification of new messages. Hence the app cannot function without a connection to Google Play. In addition we can better ensure that you always receive the latest version of the app with all security updates in good time.

What is the outlook for an app for Windows Phone or iOS?

We are already working on an app for iOS. We will release this and more versions for other operating systems as quickly as possible.

Why do I need to enter my telephone number to use SECURE CHAT?

This prevents any other users from gaining access to your data. In this way we use an SMS to check whether the number entered and hence your SIM card are really associated with your device. Furthermore, every number is unambiguous, so it cannot be swapped with other users.

Can I also send encrypted SMS via SECURE CHAT?

Yes! As soon as you have shared the security key with a chat partner, you can also send encrypted SMS to this partner.

Why can't I send encrypted SMS to all my contacts?

A prerequisite for encrypting messages is that there are options on both sides – for the sender and recipient – of encrypting and decrypting a message. We can only guarantee this if both parties are using our app. Unfortunately this means that those contacts of yours who send and receive SMS without using our app cannot use this encryption.

Is your encryption really secure?

Yes. We use the Axolotl protocol, which has been checked by independent bodies and found to be secure. The source text for our app is freely available and can be viewed by anyone. Hence nobody needs to take our word for it that our software is secure.

Can you really not read my data?

No. All of the keys exist only on the devices themselves. We have no access at all to your data.

I have entered a password for SECURE CHAT and forgotten it. Can you reset it?

No. For security reasons this password is never sent to us. Unfortunately this also means that we cannot reset it if you lose it. This is an important aspect of the security concept. If we could change your password, we would also be capable of reading your messages. Hence your data will actually be lost if you forget your password and do not have a backup you can access.